I Would Say Probably 60 Of Those Were Bowling Green.


"We decided to take collections of scarves and tie them around trees for the homeless or low income to stay warm during this winter weather," said Ray Lynn Lee, a Recruiter and Trainer at the Glasgow office of New Beginnings Family Services. During day to day operations, New Beginnings Family Services runs as a therapeutic foster care agency that trains and licenses families to have kids in their home. To Lee, Scarf the Heartland was just another way to give back to the Scarves communities she serves. "The bigger aspect of this is that there is a big need in a lot of communities for outreach and for help." That underlying need was something that didn't take Lee long to grasp. After seeing how successful the initial launch of Scarf the Heartland was in Glasgow, on Tuesday evening she decided to bring the program to the River Walk in Bowling Green, dividing her 80 winter items between the two cities. "I would say probably 60 of those were Bowling Green. Everything by the River Walk, every tree except for the little saplings had something on it, even the light posts." By Wednesday morning, only two scarves remained, reinforcing Lee's theory of the need for this type of program. "You feel really good when you see that they're gone, because you know that they went to somebody that needed it." Each of the scarves had a message attached, letting people know they were free for the taking. Even with generous donations from Goodwill and Michelle's Consignment Boutique, by Wednesday morning Lee had completely run out of winter items to give away.

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